Saturday , 4 February 2017

How to check data usage of PTCL economy package (GB Usage)

PTCL economy package users are asking a question about how much data used and how much GB data usage limit is remaining. Because PTCL economy package is offering 10GB download limit with speed of 1MB. PTCL economy package of 1 MB with download data limited to 10 GB. How can I check that how much data gaga bytes I have consumed and how much my data is remaining .  How to check data usage on PTCL broadband. PTCL broadband data usage how much data I have used and how can I track data used and data which I have left in my plan. Otherwise Call PTCL helpline 1218  and Help desk member will tell you’re that how much data of your PTCL economy package is consumed and how much data is left  visit PTCL online self care portal website. and chat online with ptcl helpdisk member

Visit following link and help desk member will tell you Data Consumed

 Check PTCL economy data usage method 



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