Tuesday , 14 March 2017

How to check Consumed Data usage of Zong 3G & 4G

Prepaid Zong Customers can check 3G and 4G Mobile Internet usage on zong official website. zong 3G and 4G data usage calculatorHow many MB are consumed and how much data is left. 1st you have to select your device Smartphone, tablet or desktop system. Select your Zong 3G or 4G data package or Plan like daily, monthly, weekly. Zong 3G and 4G data Calculator will also tell you following information.

  • How many hours do you use a social networking website? (e.g: facebook, twitter)
  •   How many hours do you spend using online chatting messenger applications? (e.g: Gtalk, Whatsapp)
  •   How many audio/mp3 songs do you download?
  •   How many videos on average do you stream? (e.g: Daily Motion, Youtube, Vimeo etc)
  •   How many emails do you send/receive? (Without attachments)
  •   How many emails do you send/receive? (With attachments)
  • How many hours do you spend browsing/surfing the internet? (google, wikipedia, yahoo, MSN etc)
  •   On an average how many applications do you download on your mobile device per month? (e.g: playstore apps for android phones itunes applications for iphones etc)

Click here to Check your Data Consumption

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