Saturday , 4 March 2017

How to book zong SIM number online in pakistan

It is not difficult to book zong SIM online in Pakistan. All information are available on our webpage. Many people started purchasing ZOng numbers because zong is now introducing 4G in Pakistan.only 1 mobile operater has 4g in Pakistan. Procedure is that you have to fill form on which you have to provide all details. First check either your required number is available or not after that you will submit your request. Give your CNIC number and address. Your SIM will be delivered at your home. Enjoy 4G network in Pakistan with heavy speed a new world of technology. Zong is the world largest network.

Zong best Internet Packages 2014

Requirement of booking zong number online



Full name


Primary contact number

Submit booking request

According to zong policy your SIM will be reached in 5 days

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