Sunday , 5 March 2017

How to Avoid Pregnancy After 40 Years Old

Average of women reaches menopause , this is the time when women menstrual cycle stops and childbirth period is over. Some women reaches menopause at age of 51. If you are 40 years then pregnancy occur. If you do not want baby after 40 ,then few ways to avoid pregnancy at old age.Here two ways are given to avoid Pregnancy at 40 years Old.

How to Avoid Pregnancy After 40 Years Old


Step 1:

Consult your gynecologist who can give you a advise for any birth control methods that you should not use due to your medical history. Sometimes,if you have some health problem then some birth control methods are not good for your health such as history of blood clots.

Step 2:

Undergo surgical sterilization is also effective method,if you want to stop child birth after 40. In Female sterilization Doctor burning or placing implants into the Fallopian tubes so that female egg  can not travel  to the uterus.

Another birth control method for women is sterilization implant in which a tiny device insert into the vagina through the uterus to the Fallopian tubes that preventing an egg and sperm to join.

Step 3:

Birth Control Pills to avoid Pregnancy after 40.Follow the direction to use pills .birth control patch, ring, shot or IUD also be used to stop pregnancy.Every women medical history not allowed to use pills, so always recommended with your doctor for birth control Methods.

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