Saturday , 4 March 2017

How to Activate warid 4G—-LTE on Your Smartphone,

How to Activate warid 4G—-LTE on Your Smartphone,


warid 4G—-LTE we are informing here  that Warid is providing free 4G Trials for their postpaid and prepaid users and customer in different cities of pakistan:


2: ISB





7: sindh


4G–lite settings on handsets and your mobile phone and also on your note pad tabletare really typical to launched the setting on that so here we can guide you how to set the setting of you handset and mechanically organized, however if for a few reason, your 4G isn’t operating then here is that the manual manner of configuring 4G LTE on your telephone.


You can set up your telephone for 4G / / LTE settings in one amongst the 3 ways:
1:Via SMS
2:Manual Settings
3:Warid centre / Service Centers
4:Internet settings via SMS:



To set up your telephone via sms or to induce automatic setting over sms. Write all and after it send it to 2333 via SMS. Rs two + Taxes apply. Use 0000 pin Code. Restart your hand set . celular phone, tablet when putting in setting.

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