Monday , 6 February 2017

How do you make your nails stronger and beautiful

How to Keep stronger nails

We girls are extra conscious of the beauty of our hands and nails and always want to know a tip or two to accentuate their loveliness. We are beauty conscious which makes us all the more adorable. We understand that apart from a pretty face, we must emphasize on our overall appeal and charm. Care of hands comes under the overall personality grooming. I have listed a few tips for healthy and pretty nails for you girls.

1. Very few girls know that our nails absorb moisture and get swelled when they are exposed to water and wetness. After they are dried up, they shrink which is the main reason of nail weakness and breakage. To keep your nails safe from excessive swelling, wear gloves while cleaning, washing and gardening. Do not use your nails for digging, plucking and picking.

2. Your nails break when they crack and they crack when they are week. Give your nails strength by massaging alphahydroxy oil or lanolin on them every day. If these chemicals are difficult to find, moisturize your nails & cuticles with vitamin E oil. This oil is easily available in cosmetic shop and you can keep it by your bed side to remind yourself of their cuticle application every night.

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