HIV AIDS Symptoms Facts Prevention Treatment

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1:HIV is the disease that causes AIDS.

2:HIV has few or no side effects for up to 11 years or more before manifestations of AIDS create.

3:There is no cure for HIV/AIDS, yet treatment is accessible.

4: HIV can be spread by amid sex play.

5: Latex and female condoms also offer great security against HIV.

what is HIV:

HIV remains for the human immunodeficiency infection, which is infection that causes HIV disease. The truncation “HIV” can be allude to the infection or to the HIV disease.

Helps remains for the AIDS. Helps is most progressive phase of the HIV disease

reasons for spread:

HIV is spread through contact with certain body liquids from a man contaminated with HIV. These body liquids include:



3:Pre-fundamental liquid

4:Vaginal liquids

5:Rectal liquids

6:Breast milk

treatment for HIV?

The utilization of HIV drugs to treat HIV disease is called antiretroviral treatment (ART). Workmanship includes taking a blend of HIV pharmaceuticals (called a HIV regimen) consistently. (HIV prescriptions are regularly called antiretrovirals or ARVs.)

Craftsmanship keeps HIV from duplicating and diminishes the level of HIV in the body. Having less HIV in the body ensures the invulnerable framework and keeps HIV disease from progressing to AID

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