Saturday , 4 March 2017

Healthy Foods That Improve Your Vaginal Health

Vagina is most important female reproductive organ. Vagina is very warm and moist area so that male reproductive organ and sperms can easily passes. However some environment make vagina very prone to infections.Vagina is acidic by nature and this acidic environment protect it from infections. Here we tell some foods that maintain the acidic environment of vagina and keep it healthy and protect from infections.

Healthy Foods That Improve Your Vaginal Health:


Yogurt is very common ingredient that have probiotic. Probiotic helps to grow good bacteria and these bacteria helps to improving immunity and keep body safe and strong against any bacteria or infection.


Nuts like wallnut, Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Flax and sesame seeds are best for vaginal and overall health.Nuts contain Omega 3 fatty acids that help to  reducing vaginal disorders like itching and bacterial infection and keep healthy environment to vagina.


Avocado is best food for vaginal lubrication and keep vagina healthy. Avocado provide benefits both male and female organs and improves both libido.

Along with foods use of alkaline soaps for vagina washing must be avoided because these soaps cause  pH imbalance and make vagina dry. Vagina l washes are also available in market to maintain vagina natural acidic PH and keep it healthy.

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