Monday , 6 February 2017

Google will Launch Localized Version of YouTube in Pakistan

Google accepted the request of Pakistan.  Now Google will provide the localized version of YouTube in Pakistan. And permission will be given to local authority to block blasphemous content with in Pakistan. Reported Ms. Anusha Rehman said that or YouTube.PK a local version of YouTube in Pakistan will be available for Pakistani internet users. Ms Rehman said that Pakistan Government has a great achievement to convince Google managing authority about religious sensitivities of Pakistanis.

Youtube pakistan local version

Anusha Rehman further disclosed that Google wants not to be held responsible for any blasphemous content uploaded on its sites as that will be a personal action of the individual. Google, however, will work closely with government of Pakistan to get any such blasphemous content blocked in Pakistan.

Google, according to the minister, has asked Government’s guarantee in this regard, for which a detailed draft is being prepared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Anusha said that this draft ordinance – after finalization — will be processed by the ministry for enactment as law.

After this localized version of YouTube, Ms. Rehman further explained, Pakistan won’t require any costly filtration mechanisms. Instead Google will easily be able to block blasphemous content on the request of the Pakistan government.

“Saudi Arabia and Malaysia have also reached a similar arrangement with Google,” Anusha Rehman said.

Localising YouTube in pakistan would also mean that Google will not be violating its own company law of hindering freedom of expression, the state minister explained.

Responding to a question from the members, the minister said she could not give an exact date for the re-opening of YouTube.

It maybe recalled that YouTube is banned in Pakistan since September 17th, 2012 for not blocking blasphemous content in Pakistan.

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