Monday , 6 March 2017

Google Alleges Tax Evasion and Copyright Violation in Pakistan

 According to dunya news report that Google is doing business in Pakistan without registering the firm and having an office in the country. Because Google has no office in Pakistan and Google is doing business without registering the organization. Google’s Operations Petition was filed by Mr. Kamil Muzafar with Property Organization of Pakistan. He said that Google has no physical office in Pakistan and not yet got registration in Pakistan. IPO is likely to call Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, PTA and Google’s representative in Pakistan after Eid holidays. According to Petitioner Google’s operations are not legal because Google is not registered in Pakistan at all. Petition further said that Google is earning millions of dollars by just registered a domain name with PKNIC. While its earnings are not taxed.  FBR also hinted to tax Google. But Google not yet registered firm in the Pakistan. Google was  asked to appear in Lahore High Court during a hearing for the petition filed against the ban on YouTube in Pakistan. However Google neither appeared in the Highcourt nor submitted any reply or its inability to join the further Inquiry.

Google Alleges Tax Evasion and Copyright Violation in Pakistan
Petition against Google Pakistan

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