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Female Vaginal Dryness Causes & Treatment Tips

Vagina Dryness is very Common and Frustrating Condition, But Medical discover a lot of Medicines and ways to prevent Vagina Dryness. There are many possible reasons for females dry vagina, Vagina Dryness occur due to hormonal changes in Female Body. Some Women face vagina dryness during Pregnancy . Vagina Dryness is biggest problems for Girls, specially if Married women  have a lack of vaginal lubrication , feel much pain during sex. If you have Vagina Dryness Issue, then take it seriously and Concern to a Specialist Doctor and talk freely about the Treatment of Vagina Dryness.

Female Vaginal Dryness Causes & Treatment Tips


Some Reasons of Vagina Dryness are :

Changes in hormones.  one of themost commonly reason of Vagina Dryness is due to hormonal changes. Harmons of female body changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding.estrogen levels low during these periods.and it cause vagina dryness.

Medications. Some of Medicines directly effects on Vagina.the body and cause reduced vaginal lubrication.

low libido or sexual problems. Sometimes During sex if husband have poor sex performance or have low ejaculation ,then it also effects on Vagina .

Irritants. Some Ladies are allergic with chemicals in soap, detergent , low branded underwear fabrics . Specially sensitive skin ladies have vagina dryness due to chemicals.

Anxiety. Stress and Anxiety is emotional factor and these also have wreak havoc  on female sexual dryness , Due to Anxiety vaginal lubricant does not occur, in result Vagina is Dry and itching.

Vagina Dryness Treatment:

Vagina Dryness treatment depends upon the cause of dryness. Doctors give estrogen medicines and insert these medicine in Vagina.Local Estrogen Hormones Inserted in Vagina in a form of ring or a cream.

Some of Lubricants also use to cure Vagina Dryness. These are oil based Lubricants that  usually used to make sex  comfortable with partner , These Lubricants of Oil and Water base products and used to treated Vagina Dryness.

Some of Vagina Dryness Moisturizing Lotions and Creams are also help to cure vagina dryness and these moisturizing products balance water and oil into vagina tissues.

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