Female Condoms – How to Use a Female Condom

Female condom:
The female Condom¬†could be a¬†like¬†plastic tube thatare like¬†a versatile ring at every¬†finish. One end¬†of the tube is closed.a device product of¬†thin¬†rubber, inserted into a woman’s¬†canal or vegrina before sexuality or intercourse¬†.A pouch inserted into the canal to forestall gestation Reduces the danger of sexually transmitted infection may be used for epithelial duct and sexual perversion Safe, effective, and convenient .
How to use a female rubber
After sex, twist the big ring to stop humour from un sea worthy out and gently pull the feminine rubber¬†out. ¬†then wrap the rubber up and throw it away within the bin¬†Always use a replacement female¬†rubber on every occasion you’ve got sex.

Pors And Corns:
It’s the only way contraceptive controlled by woman that protects them against gestation.
Some ladies could have trouble inserting it properly,If the female rubber makes a rustling sound throughout sex, strive dynamical your position. Otherwise, add some lubricator within, which can calm the sound and stop it from worrisome you.

1:Carefully take away the rubber from its package.
2:One finish of the rubber can have a gap for the member to enter. This finish can stay outside the canal.
3:compressing the versatile inner ring at the closed finish of the rubber.
4:Some girls notice it comfort to insert the condom whereas standing with one leg raised,
5:or you will notice it lighter to insert the feminine rubber whereas squatting or lying down.

6:While compressing the ring, insert the closed finish of the rubber into your canal.
7;Placing your finger within the rubber, gently push the inner ring into your canal as way because itcan go. take care to not twist the rubber.
8:The outer ring of the rubber ought to stay outside of the canal. inserting lubrication within therubber could facilitate keep it in situ throughout sex.
9:Make positive his member enters within the feminine rubber, to not one aspect. the¬†female condom¬† mustn’t be used with a male rubber.
10:When removing the condom when sex, twist the outer ring in order that no humor leaks out through out removal.


Every condom should be use once only.


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