Saturday , 4 March 2017

Egg Halwa (Anday Ka Halwa) Recipe in urdu



1:eggs …………. 6 add
2:Milk …………..solids ½ kg
3:Small  green cardamom powder six
4:Two cups of sugar
5:Zrda colour a bit color
6:½ cup butter or oil
7:Almonds and pistachios Customization (finely chopped)
8:Silver foil for garnishing



1:A large cup is whipped into the eggs.
2:NOW mix, two cups sugar, khoya, ground cardamom and put zrdy color in eggs and blend it in blender.
3:Then pour the oil and mix it.
4:Now pot  and put thoroughly fry each.
5:The small grain and oil were being separated, then tray to set up a little grease spread.
6:Finely chopped almonds and pistachios, then put in the customization.
7:Finally silver foil  to garnish  and serve it to your guest.

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