Wednesday , 8 March 2017

Easy Way to Clean Ear Wax Out of Ears

Olive oilEar wax is natural fluid in our ear that provide protection against bacteria and infection,but if earwax is deeper into ear then it can also block the ear canal in result it leading to hearing loss and cause pain in ear. Here some natural ways are given to keep earwax out of ears easily.

Home Remedies for Ear Wax Removal


 Baby Oil/Glycerin:

Putting few drops of baby oil or glycerin  into ear, after some time Take a cotton ball to drain out the extra oil from the ear. Oil helps to soften the ear wax and you can easily clean ear wax with the help of cotton bud.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is also the best ways to remove the ear wax. Olive oil  softens the ear wax, thus it easier to come out from the ear. so for ear cleaning Put 2-3drops of olive oil into the ear during bedtime.Repeat this process at least three to four days it will remove all earwax from ears easily.

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