Saturday , 4 March 2017

Early Warning Signs Of Miscarriage

Sometimes many of complications occur during pregnancy. Specially in first three months of pregnancy you should take extra care. Miscarriage is very common during early stages of pregnancy. So if you feel these symptoms that i discuss below, take it seriously and consult to your doctor.

Early Warning Signs Of Miscarriage:

Vaginal Discharge


During Pregnancy if you feel spotting or too much vaginal bleeding then it means some thing is wrong. Don’t waste your time and consult your doctor for your physical check up. Heavy bleeding is one of the first sign of natural abortion or miscarriage.

Too Much Nausea And Vomiting:

Too much vomiting and nausea is also warn that something is wrong with the stomach. During pregnancy morning sickness is common but if it across limit then it should take seriously. Vomiting loss of fluids from your body and you could lead to miscarriages due to poor health.


During pregnancy stomach or abdominal cramping is normal. but if cramping occur with bleeding then you should be alert. Ultrasound may be done to check inner body and baby position. Too much cramping result with moral or ectopic pregnancy too.


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