Saturday , 4 February 2017

Dua Istikhara (Kernay ka Tarika) Urdu Translation image

There are many authentic hadees about istikhara. In one of them Rasoo-e-Akram said that a person which take advice of Allah never repent and never face failure. You should also get advice from related person which have a good idea about that task. After that you should to do istakhara. Through this way you will see favour in this world and here after. If a task is not in your favor than you will see hurdles in the way of your task. Translation of Dua e Istikhara in Urdu helps us understand what are we going to accomplish. Importance of Salat-e-Istikhara in urdu. Istikhara Dua with Urdu Translation. How to perform Istikhara complete masnoon Method in urdu. Real Dua-e-Istikhara Arabic text. For detail links about istikhara you should visit this website

Dua Istikhara (Kernay ka Tarika) Urdu Translation image

Dua Istikhara tarika and tarjama with urdu translation


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