Saturday , 4 March 2017

Double Your PTCL DSL Speeds Offer 2017 New Year’s

PTCL DSL 2017 Packages

It must be mentioned that additional monthly charge of Rs. 99 will be applicable till March 31st, 2017 only. After which, regular 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps respective package charges will apply starting from April 1, 2017.

 PTCL announced the launch of its very exciting ‘Double-Up Offer’ for its broadband customers. The offer which is valid till 31st March 2017

PTCL has announced the launch of its ‘Double-Up Offer’ for its broadband customers.

PTCL is committed to provide better services and faster internet to Pakistani Nation. High Speed Packages of PTCL including (PTCL broadband cheapest package, PTCL broadband business packages, PTCL broadband corporate packages, PTCL broadband DSL packages

ptcl broadband packages 2017

Broadband Packages Monthly Charges Data Volume
1 Mbps Starter Package Rs. 625 10GB Data
2 Mbps Starter Package Rs. 775 20GB Data
4 Mbps Starter Package Rs. 999 40GB Data
1 Mbps Rs. 1,325 Unlimited*
2 Mbps Rs. 1,575 Unlimited*
4 Mbps Rs. 1,775 Unlimited

 New Broadband over existing Landline: Rs. 2,100 inclusive of Tax
New Double Play (Landline+Broadband): Rs. 3,000 inclusive of Tax 

Double Your PTCL DSL Speeds Offer 2017 New Year's

PTCL DSL Internet Packages & Prices


  • Promotion is valid for three months only
  • Regular charges will apply from April 2017, unless package is downgraded
  • New connections may directly subscribe to this promotion
  • Existing customers may also subscribe to this promotion
  • Offer applies to both Unlimited and Capped package subscribers

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