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Does anal sex cause health problems or diseases

Anal sex is a type of sexual activity that involves the anal area Anus or butt hole. In Anal sexual relations the penis inserted into anus or butt. But this type of sex have risk of sexual transmitted diseases or infections. Anal sex also prohibited in Islam. Anal sex have a lot of healthy risk but couples avoid these risks or diseases ,if they strictly follow on safety tips. Here i discuss some some anal sex diseases or risk and how to make anal sex safe and risk free.

Does anal sex cause health problems or diseases


Main Risks of Anal sex:

Anal sex has a biggest risk of spreading sexual diseases . The lining of the anus is thin and can easily be damaged, through it diseases easily transmitted into body . In anal sex these diseases easily passes.Hepatitis B, HIV and Syphilis.Some infections that produce by bacteria can be passed through oral or anal sex, such as Hepatitis A or E. coli.

How To Make Anal Sex Safer?

Special Methods use to make anal sex safe and healthy. For safe anal sex folloe these tips:

Use condoms ,it helps to protect you against STIs like AIDS and many other sexual transmitted disese when you have anal sex.

Use a water-based lubricant, Water based lubricants are easily available at pharmacies. Oil-based lubricants can cause condoms to break or fail.So, always prefer water based lubricants when you have anal sex.

Male and female both should use a new condom before to start anal sex. If you have anal sex after vaginal sex then change your condom before oral sex. This is best way to avoid bacteria or STIs transmitted from the anus to the vagina, which can cause Urinary Infection.

Before Anal sex follow these methods for safe and healthy sex and secure your sexual relationship.




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