Saturday , 4 March 2017

Crispy chicken broast recipe in urdu english


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1: boneless chicken.. two in quantity
2:Water accordingly
3:Salt  according to your taste
4:Baking powder 2 tablespoon
3: green pepper paste..3  tablespoons
4:Ginger garlic paste… 1 tablespoon
5:2 cups flour
6:½ cup corn flower
7: salt…1 tablespoon
8:White pepper 1 tablespoon



1:Take a cup of water, so it sinks chicken and salt, baking powder, ginger, garlic and green pepper paste is added.
2:To put it into chicken myrynyt Put 4 to 5 hours.
3:Now take out the chicken and let it out of the water, and let dry.
4:Flower corn flour, salt and white pepper to mix the coating.
5:Take a deep fried hot cooking oil now.
6: Brost  is tasty and crisp.

Serve it to your friends and guest and enjoy…

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