Saturday , 4 March 2017

Christmas Day History in English Urdu

Christmas day is very famous festival which is celebrated all over world  on 25th December by Christine’s. This Festival is celebrated in Christine Schools, Church, community and homes. Many of people want to know the history of Christmas Day .Here in this article i through lite on various points of Christmas that show why Christine celebrate this day.

Christmas day history

Christmas day is celebrated on 25th December with very religious spirit like Eid Festivals. Christmas means  ”Feast day of Christ”. This is the day of the birth of  Jesus. Christine believed that Jesus is the son of God.  Billion of People celebrate this day and decorate their homes, exchange  gifts to each other and celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Along with this day Easter is also celebrated, is the day death day and  resurrection of Jesus.

Christmas day history in English in Hindi in Urdu

Christmas day Preparation started before three or Four weeks before Christmas. . This season is is called Advent. Advent started on a Sunday about four weeks before Christmas and Christmas Season ends on January 6 that season is called Epiphany. Christine all ur the world celebrate this day in their own style. They always have feast . Feast mean sharing of gifts or celebration in homes and schools. Santa Claus is favorite of all Kids.  Santa Claus gives gifts to children. On this occasion Christmas tree is decorated in every homes, Public areas, Schools and other institute with Lights.


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