Sunday , 5 March 2017

Christmas Cake Recipes in english and urdu

Integrate :


  • Digest biscuits half cup
  • Four ounces of butter
  • Three eggs digit Chinese
  • five ounces
  • Two tablespoons jylytn
  • Two hundred grams of cream thing
  • Two hundred grams of curd thing
  • ¬†Twelve ounces cream
  • ( whipped the KitKat chocolate half cup
  • ( Four ounces of cream
  • whipped and garnish Lee



  • To base a bowl and mix in the butter biscuits digest Nine Inch kyluz butm spread in the pan for ten minutes to get back to one hundred and eighty degrees.Now let it cool off.
  • For Filling: In a pan egg yolks and half the sugar and cook in a five-ounce spoons continue to run.
  • The solution was then separated and put jylytn mix.
  • In a separate bowl all cream and vanilla essence krdcyz will be whipped.
  • It can fold into egg mixture.
  • The cream that kuatnaphyntyn be astf.
  • Then a cup of egg whites and remaining sugar is thoroughly whipped.
  • Pour mixture into prepared cup now amalgamated with KitKat chocolate and cream should fold.
  • Then he put the biscuit base may well chilled.
  • Finally, half a cup of KitKat chocolate and whipped cream and serve, garnish.

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