Saturday , 4 March 2017

Chicken malai boti recipe in urdu english



1: Boneless chicken .. 1 pound
2: Green pepper in a tablespoon…crushed
3: One tablespoon ginger garlic paste
4: A teaspoon of white cumin and crushed  ..fried
5: Half a teaspoon of hot spices
6:A teaspoon of coriander and crushed …fried
7:½ teaspoon white pepper.. crushed
8: A teaspoon of cayenne pepper was
9:Two tablespoons cream
10:Two tablespoons yogurt
11:Two tablespoons of lemon juice
12:A teaspoon salt
13:Two tablespoons almonds were )psy
14:Ghee or oil for frying



1: Take Chicken and tkae in a cup green pepper, ginger garlic paste, white cumin, hot spices, coriander, white pepper, red pepper, cream, yogurt, lemon juice, salt and almond two hours to make a mixture.
2: put it in a skech rod now they are ready to do barbecues, until they are almost ready.
3:Then brush the remaining five minutes of my Nation and barbecues may apply.
4: frying  ghee or oil on them, and until they are ready.

5: Now your chicken malae boti babrbq is ready to serve serve it to your parents and enjoy.

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