Friday , 17 February 2017

Check Telenor SIM Registration information online in Pakistan

Now a day people are searching that how many SIM are registered on my name? Now it is easy way to check your Telenor SIM information online by entering your CNIC number check SIM owner name. check Telenor SIM status. You Check How Many SIM’s Issued Against Your CNIC. Telenor SIM verification by 668

Read Telenor SIM Registration information

Visit PTA’s website and obtain count of SIMS against your NICOP.
If count of SIM(s) of Telenor is found in excess of the actual SIM(s) in your use, download form Overseas SIM Information System 668-Complaint Form.
Fill the form and email scanned filled form at  along with scanned copy of NICOP/CNIC (both sides), valid visa and passport
Telenor will give a reference number to the complaint and your NICOP/CNIC number will be used for the purpose.
Extra SIM(s) registered against your NICOP/CNIC shall be removed within 24 hours of the receipt of your complaint.
Database at PTA’s website will be updated after 45 days. You can confirm removal of extra SIM(s) by revisiting after 45 days.

Check Sim information with your CNIC

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