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Chapli kabab recipe in urdu and english


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1:A kilo of  beef( 1 kg)
2: a tablespoon coriander
3:White cumin, a tablespoon
4:Two tablespoon pomegranate seed
5:Customization water
6:Four eggs (Eggs 4)
7:½ tablespoon ground red pepper
8:Two tablespoons of corn flour
9:Four green pepper (finely chopped)
10:A teaspoon pepper (chopped)
11:Mint half arthritis (finely cut)
12:Chopped red pepper, half a tablespoon
13:Salt to taste
14:Customization oil
15:Tomato 4 adad



1:Put beef of cow in a large pot .
2:Now fry the cumin and coriander and white is thick piece.
3:An egg, ground red pepper, corn flour, finely chopped green pepper, pomegranate seed, chopped pepper, finely cut 4: crushed mint, chopped red pepper, salt and crushed spices mixed in Cover and refrigerate for half an hour Put it in the pomegranate seed comes acidity.
5:Fry the eggs and add the beeter things.
6: then add a little oil. In a large frying pan,
7: if Chipley not fried properly put more oil.
8:When the oil is hot, then turn the heat light.
9:Then I spread the mince in hand and put a slice of tomato in the side up, and then roasted sesame take a larger size.
10:If they manage Kebab put it out on paper, so that the grease is absorbed.
11:Finally Raita yoghurt, sauce and serve with warm naan.

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