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Causes of black spot on skin and face

your skin and face is your beauty.mostly girls are conscious about their skin. some time the skin is effected by the black spot .When skin is exposed to the sun, it causes a rise within the production of cells referred to as melanoma that increase animal pigment within the skin, therefore turning the skin darker. Brown spots, usually referred to as age or liver spots, are literally referred to as star legginess. they’re harmless spots that occur most frequently on individuals over fifty, individuals with lightweight skin, and other people UN agency get plenty of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning beds. Brown spots area unit brown as a result of they contain animal pigment, a pigment that’s found within the prime layers of your skin, which might “clump” and manufacture spots.

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There are some causes of black spot on your skin these causeses are as follow:


1:Skin Diseases is the main cause of blackspot some time your skin is effected by any disease and this cause of dark spot on any part of your body.

2:Medications also the cause of blackspot the medicine you use sometime cause of Dark Spots

3:UV light or sun rays that are come from sun Causes Specific forms of Dark Spots

4:Pregnancy: some time pregnancy cause of Dark Spots

5:Liver illness is the main Cause Dark Spots


6: tumors also the cause of black spot

A number of home remedies could facilitate scale back the looks of those spots.

How to over come these black spot there are some useful remedies to overcome the dark spot of your skin.


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