Sunday , 5 March 2017

Cancer prevention tips & foods in pakistan

Around 33% of the 1.5 million instances of tumor that happen every year in the U.S.  and the ratio of cancer disease increase every year. Numerous elements advance or start quality harm, example is, smoking, horrible eating routine, contaminations, growth bringing on chemicals and presentation to bright radiation.

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we can save our life and prevent from cancer by adopting following remedies.

1. Say Good bye Smoking :Tobacco is the main cause of do not use tobacco to prevent yourself from cancer.

2. Avoid Alcohol or Drink in Moderation : Drinking liquor adds the tissue harm and prompting DNA changes in  cells and bit by bit growth.

3. Keep yourself Physically Active : by keeping you physically fit you can dynamic additionally enhances your safe framework balancing so as to work your hormone levels. so by doing exercise daily you can prevent youself from tumor.

4. Keep up a Healthy Weight :overweight is main cause of cancer maintain your weight to save yourself from cancer.

5. Shield Yourself from Harsh Sunrays:

prevent yourself from harmfull sun rays.



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