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Brown Menstrual Blood Causes Natural Treatment Tips

Most of Ladies experience the annoying problem of a brown vaginal discharge before or after menses cycle. A lot of girls face this brown spotting and worried about it. The common reason for brown blood menstruation is ovulation or slow discharge of menstrual blood. But in any condition this brown vaginal discharge is not normal and must to be talk with doctor about this health disorder.

Causes of Brown Menstrual Discharge:

The most common and harmless cause of brown blood menstruation are:



Females feel brown Vaginal Discharge during ovulation Because the egg is released into the uterus for fertilization, from the ovary. This usually occurs during the 14th-16th day of a normal 28 day menstrual cycle.



Brown blood discharge in early pregnancy. This is referred to as implantation bleeding and this discharge happen  when the egg attaches with uterus wall. This could last for 3-4 days and color of this discharge is pink or brown.

A Large Uterus:


Large uterus size is cause brown discharge.  If the uterus does not go back to its normal size after a pregnancy then brown Menstrual discharge occur.

Home Remedies For Brown Menstrual Discharge:

Brown blood menstruation discharge of menstrual blood can be treated easily with the some change in life style.Regular exercise and drinking of water daily in adequate amount, Eat parsley or papaya in your diet can also help to treat this problem. Fibrous foods like vegetables with their skins, brown rice and whole wheat can also be helpful. Avoid a lot of sugar, spice and yeast. Cucumber Juice is also beneficial for brown menstrual.


Change your lifestyle, follow some healthy habits and safety during intercourse can prevent brown menstrual bleeding. However, the brown discharge caused by ovulation, pregnancy or menopause cannot be prevented in any way.Wear Lose fitting cotton underwear  also prevent from brown spotting.



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