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Breast and Nipple Discharge Causes and Treatment

Nipple Discharge is alarming situation for those Women who are not breastfeeding.Nipple discharge in some conditions is normal ,But it is serious matter when you are not breast feeding and you should consult to Doctor. According to your symptoms and the results of diagnostic tests, Your Doctor decide better treatment for Breast Discharge.

Nipple Discharge in different colors Red, White or Yellow in Color. The Color of discharge is no matter that what is normal and abnormal.If Discharge in both sides then it’s normal but one side discharge is not normal condition and your doctor better solve this problem.



Causes of Nipple Discharge:

Pregnancy: In the early days of Pregnancy Women feel breast discharge in form of liquid water.It is Natural and due to hormonal changes. At the Last stages of pregnancy, this discharge may take on a watery, milky appearance.

Stopping breastfeeding: When you stop breast feed your baby then you noticed breast leakage This Nipple Discharge persist for a while.

Stimulation: Breast Nipple may release fluid when they are stimulated or squeezed. Normal Nipple discharge may occur when your breast squeeze at many time.

Infection:Nipple Discharge  with pus is a sign of breast infection. it is a disease and seen in Breastfeed Mothers. This Pus discharge develop in those women who are not lactating. If you have an infection in your breast, you may also notice that your breast is sore, red, or warm when they touch.

How to Prevent Nipple Discharge:

You can prevent nipple discharge if you exercise by wearing properly fitting  inner clothes. Women who run should wear a well-fitting sports bra. Women who face nipple discharge problem should consult breast specialist quickly without delay  who will examine the breasts with detail.



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