Sunday , 5 March 2017

Best Ways To Remove Public Hair During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very testing time for women . During Pregnancy women body change both physical and emotionally. And one area that is prone to change a lot as the due date nears is the pubic area which needs to be kept clean and dry at all costs. And that includes removing unwanted hair from the pubic region. It is very important o keep your vagina clean at time of delivery. But bulging tummy hides Public area completely and Women feel difficulties to shave their Public Part. Here some methods are given for pregnancy vagina shaving that are best and easy to use to shave Public Area.

Using a Shaver:


Pregnant Ladies can remove hair with the help of shaver. But During Pregnancy extra care and attention is needed for Hair Removing because a bit mistake can cause a serious wound and  infections. The best way to remove vaginal hair with a shaver when you are pregnant is to use a mirror. Set mirror at your area and then shave your public part carefully. Firstly trimming the hair with a trimmer and then use a shaver to shave off the remaining hair .You can easily shave to use this method.

Permanent  Hair Removal Strategies:


Laser therapy s the best way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently including the public parts hair . This is expensive procedure but it would offer permanent relief from unwanted hair by uprooting them from the follicles and sealing the same. it is best option for pregnant Ladies.

Home Remedy:

Turmeric & Coconut Oil

After shaving your Public Part apply some turmeric or coconut oil on that area. it will ensure that the hair does not grow back rapidly. Try this remedy for slow hair growth.




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