Saturday , 4 March 2017

Best Treatment For Low libido In Women

The sexual drive depends upon physical and emotional factors.some time sexual desire low due to some physical issue or alteration of Endocrinol gland secretion during pregnancy, Stress and anxiety also cause low libido.use of contraceptive pills also deteriorates the libido in female. But low libido can also be treated with natural remedies or medication. Here some best treatment are given for low libido in women.

Best Treatment For Low libido In Women


You Cannot Exercise For 6 Months Post C-section

Physical exercises improve physical and mental health condition and physical activity boost energy level and help to reduce low libido. Some Yoga  poses are also effective for low libido. Do yoga poses continue twelve weeks significantly improve lubrication and sex desire.



Acupuncture is micro needling therapy that really work against low libido. Research proved that continuesly 12 weeks  acupuncture therapy improve libido in women.



Natural Oil Massage really works for low libido treatment. Different natural and synthetic oils are available in market . Massage oil at primary or secondary sex organ improve low libido.

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