Saturday , 4 March 2017

Best Home Remedies For Thyroid Problems

Thyroid gland is one of the most important glands of our body that release thyroxin which is responsible for regulating the metabolism of our body and control hormones. But due to  thyroid gland, it may release extra thyroxin that hyper our system.Doctor advice thyroxin tablets but we also can heal thyroid problems naturally with some home remedies.

 Best Home Remedies For Thyroid Problems

Take Iodine Rich Food:

Increase iodine intake in our body is best treatment for thyroid. Use Iodine salt,meat, seafood, banana, yogurt and radish is your diet.

Flax Seed:

Thyroid problem is also heal by flax seeds because they have Omega 3 fatty acids that is good to control thyroid gland activity in our body. Omega 3 acid is  present in flax seeds and flax seeds oil. Flaxseeds can be used in powdered form and then take this powder with water on a daily basis for thyroid problems. it also cure several health problems.

Black Walnuts:

Black walnuts have high iodine quantity that nourishes the thyroid gland. Those People who have hypothyroidism should eat black walnuts daily. Black walnuts can be eat dry or you can also added black walnuts in different dishes to increase taste. Black walnuts are easily available and have no side effects.


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