Saturday , 4 March 2017

Besan (Gram Flour) Halwa Recipe in urdu

Besan / (Gram Flour) Halwa Recipe in urdu and english:



1: gram dal………(250 GRAM)
2:Milk….( 1 POUND or Half Kg)
3:A cup butter
4:Green cardamom four
5:Two hundred fifty grams Basin
6:½ cup sugar
7:Mix one cup of dried fruit
8:Four tablespoons resin
9: Makhaya half cup
9:A teaspoon green cardamom occurred crushed


Besan-Ka-Halwa-Recipe (1)

1:First gram dal and soak for six hours.
2:boil it in milk, even be dry milk.
3: Grand them and make a paste.
4:½ cup butter  hot in a frying pan and put it in basins that green cardamom and fry for ten to twelve minutes and put out separately.
5:In a pan heat the butter and fry the remaining half cup of lentils into paste for fifteen to twenty minutes to make fry until light golden.
6:Then add the sugar and continue to cook, until they be condensed.
7:Now, roasted basin, mix, dried fruit, resin, Makhaya Ntini and green cardamom powder and mix thoroughly covered.
8:Serving it out in the end and serve it to your friends.

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