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Attack on Kaba in Urdu Pakistan Army Clears Khana Kaba

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The Glory: 1979: Pakistani Special Forces (SSG) cleared the Holy Kaba

Pakistan army as soon as stored khana kaba, the holiest region within the holy city makkah, in 1979 while a set of militants led by using juhaiman ibn muhammad ibn saif al utaibi seized khana kaba for two weeks. the militants attacked the holiest area on the time of fajr prayer on 20th November, 1979 and numerous pilgrims had been taken hostages.

it changed into shocking information for Islamic world when the grand mosque khana kaba changed into seized through the militants and at some stage in that manner numerous guards lost their lives in go firing. it changed into the second one time whilst bloodshed passed off on the holy ground of grand mosque and pilgrims were taken hostages on hajj.

abdullah hamid mohammed al-qahtani became the chief of militants and he was the only who called the muslims to obey him as redeemer of islam. juhaiman ibn muhammad ibn saif al utaibi, who led the seizure of holy kaba, declared his brother-in-law as redeemer of islam and grew to become towards ruling al-saud dynasty.

the saudi authorities attempted to regain grand mosque however couldn’t get success for 2 weeks and misplaced numerous troops inside the operation as properly. the militants institution deployed sharp shooters and snipers at key locations of grand mosque to forestall any type of assault from saudi troops. the lives of lots of pilgrims were at hazard as properly.

پاکستان آرمی نے کیسے خانہ کعبہ کی حفاظت کی اور شرپسند عناصر سے بازیاب کروایا۔ 

for 2 weeks not one of the tries to rescue the humans got fulfillment which created chaos amongst muslims of the arena. the president of pakistan preferred General zia-ul-haq asked Saudis to let Pakistan military do the operation as the whole international had been eying on them as nicely. saudis allowed him to regain the grand mosque.

after you have permission general zia-ul-haq chose few very capable ssg commandos from pakistan army and sent them to saudi arabia. the commander of ssg commandos made a completely fantastic method in opposition to the militants which worked sincerely properly for them. ssg commanders had been deployed on the floor of grand mosque from helicopters and pushed the snipers and militants toward basement.

as soon as all of the militants have been pushed into basement of grand mosque, the commander of ssg commandos requested the saudis to flood the basement. as soon as the basement was flooded, they electrocuted the water which made militants unconscious and they all which includes the leaders have been arrested through the commandos of pakistan army and completed the siege of khana kaba.

ssg commandos of pakistan Army saving khana kaba

Pakistan army clears khana kaba from militants

SSG commandos of pakistan military cleared khana kaba and rescued heaps of hostages at in 1979 while a collection of militants led with the aid of juhaiman ibn muhammad ibn saif al utaibi seized the grand mosque. all of it came about so quickly on the morning of twentieth November, 1979 that the safety guards couldn’t do much to shield the place.

once khana kaba, the holiest area of muslims, become seized with the aid of the militants and lots of pilgrims have been made hostages, the militants declared abdullah hamid mohammed al-qahtani the redeemer of islam. they asked muslims to obey him as mahdi, the redeemer of islam and all through the attack accomplished harmless pilgrims.

attack on kaba complete video in urdu

the armed troops of saudis tried to regain the grand mosque in numerous attempts but militants didn’t let them entered in the ground of holy place. the siege of khana kaba endured for almost two weeks until ssg commandos of pakistan army led by means of former military leader General pervez Musharraf cleared the vicinity from militants.

the method implemented through the commandos to regain the grand mosque changed into pretty successful and that they rescued the hostage pilgrims without any bloodshed. the pointy shooters and snipers of militants held the key positions at the ground of grand mosque and they didn’t let any character entered from the gates.

Khana Kaba Attack Release Operation By Pak Army

SSG commandos entered within the grand mosque by way of the use of helicopters and pushed the militants into basement. that’s become the high-quality danger to seize them without bloodshed at holy vicinity. the captain of the commandos asked the Saudis to flood the basement. as soon as the basement flooded with water, they electrocuted it which made the militants subconscious.

all of the militants such as abdullah hamid mohammed al-qahtani and juhaiman ibn muhammad ibn saif al utaibi had been arrested alive and sent to imprisonment. the khana kaba was cleared within hours and ssg commandos did wonderful job which won the hearts of every muslim. it turned into one of the superb moments of pakistan military.

خانہ کعبہ پر حملہ ہوااورسعودی اور فرنچ آرمی ناکام ہو گئی تو پاکستانی کمانڈوز نے خانہ خدا کے دفاع کیلئے کیا عجیب و غریب حکمت عملی اپنائی؟

Attack on Kaba in Urdu Pakistan Army Clears Khana Kaba


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