Sunday , 5 March 2017

Are Condoms Safe to Use During Pregnancy Sex?

Pregnant women and their Husband who have sex during pregnany are at risk for sexually transmitted infections are strongly recommended to use condoms during sex. Use of Condom During Pregnancy will  decrease the chance of Infection and the risk of any complications during  pregnancy. Choose a condom that gives you protection from STIs and keep you and your baby safe from any unwanted accident.

Benefits of Condom During Pregnancy:


Using condoms during pregnancy is definitely not necessary to prevent pregnancy, but if you need to use them for other reasons  like to stop STIs  you should make sure that the brand you choose is safe and approved by your doctor. Condoms are best to use during pregnancy because it prevent to transmit any sexual diseases and give protection your Baby against any infection.

Male and Female Both Condoms can be used for safe sex during Pregnancy.Male Condoms are the best.pregnant women and their partners who want to use condoms always should choose a few additives as possible. Use Branded Condom during sex. Use Latex and Non Latex Condom in sex is best because Latex and non-latex condoms made from synthetic materials that provide effective protection from STIs. Pregnant women should not use lambskin condoms for STI protection because they are made from sheep’s intestine and easily passes STIs  diseases like HIV.

So, Use of Condom During Pregnancy is best and safe for women and her infant health. Talk to your doctor about your risks for STIs and the benefits and safety of the use of condoms during pregnancy.

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