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Allama Iqbal Open University Tutors 2016

Good Education is so important , specially in today society. Parents hire a tutor to their child at home or in educational Institutes so that their child keep up in school subjects where they find difficulties in a particular subject and fallen behind their class mates. Students always need a good tutor to fulfill their educational requirements at every field of life.So, Teacher or a Tutor is a very essential part of a student life ,who provide complete guide line and sport to a student in their studies. Tutor understand the difficulties of students in their studies, match their concepts and provide more in debth instructions and knowledge for a praticular subject, So that student can clear all the point of the subject and do their work with more attention.Tutors can play a vital role in a student education. The tutor can give help to one subject or all ranges relying upon what a student needs. Hiring a tutor is one of the best things a parent can do to help a child succeed in school.

Allama Iqbal Open University Tutors 2016


The Students who studies Private or through Distance Education Learning can understand the importnace of a Tutor,because they can not go to a Institute to solve all their concepts like a Rgular Student. Allama Iqbal Open University is home based education system that provide Matriculation to Ph,D Level Degree Program,but the main feature of AIOU is that it also provide a large number of teaching staff called “Tutor” for the teaching of students in various courses. AIOU hires Tutors from Secondary level to Ph.D Degree Program. So,it is the main reason that every year a huge number of students get Admission in AIOU.

AIOU publish the advertisement in the main news papers for Tutor Jobs and received a large number of applicants.These Applcants are investiigated and all qualified applicants selected on an aggressive base. The names of applicant enlisted and enterd into focal database. AIOU issues Registration card to each enrolled Tutor. These Tutor can see their specific through University official site by filling the criteria that required.

Tutors send their complete addresses, Contact numbers and other necessary information to their student’s allotted by University via Post. University hires a separate tutor for each subject. So students should get letters of all subjects tutors. But some time students complain that they can not receive their Tutor letters. So in case, if you not received your tutor information letter ,You can find information about your tutors online on the website of University by Entering your Roll No.

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