Saturday , 4 March 2017

5 Safe Way To Color Hair During Pregnancy

During Pregnancy development of infant with safety is big problem. Not only eating and drinking effect your baby, cosmetic products also effects on your baby health. Hair coloring is trend now a days.During Pregnancy women are worried about Hair color. Hair Color During Pregnancy effects on your baby health. Here some effective methods are given for Hair Color During Pregnancy. Follow these for safe pregnancy.

How Hair Color Effects Baby Health?

Use of Hair Color During Pregnancy increase risk of neuroblastoma in your offspring. neuroblastoma is a type of cancer. Hair color contain more chemical ingrediants so high risk of gestational age baby.

Avoid Hair Color During First Trimester:

When to Color Hair

During First Trimester of your Pregnancy the development of fetus take place.So Pregnant Ladies avoid all type of cosmetics and hair dye during first trimester.However, coloring hair in second trimester is considered safe.

Natural Hair Color:

Natural Hair Color

Instead of using chemical products or hair color you should be prefer natural things for hair color like Henna Paste to dye hair.Natural Hair Color safe even in first trimester also.

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