Saturday , 4 March 2017

2016 special cake recipe for party celebration in Urdu

Cake is the thing which is use in different parties and in different celebration also in birthday parties and marriage we gave the recipe of chocolate cake,

2016 special recipe for party celebration in Urdu and english: Chocltae and banana cake recipieINTEGRENT:


1:½ cup flour
2:One hundred twenty-five grams of butter
4:Three-quarters cup cocoa powder
5:A cup of sugar (ground
6:A cup of milk
7:A teaspoon of vanilla essence
8:One teaspoon baking soda
9:A bit of butter to the pan
10:A little flour to the pan



1: pan should take oil with flour  ,and put it in ovens bake a hundred and eighty degrees.
2: flour, sugar, cocoa powder and baking soda mix  in a cup.
3:Then butter, milk, vanilla essence and add the eggs.
4:Beet  it with the help of Hand or beter be until creamy.
5:Now in a pan in the oven for twenty to twenty-five minutes back.
5:Now turn at the plate and  garnish it with different garnish thngs.

6: Serve it to you guest in different ways and with good service


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